Dr. Cara Klein, Psychologist - Ph.D. in Psychology

Clinical and Forensic Services

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Because even the best attorneys sometimes need an expert.

Dr. Klein is contracted by attorneys to:

  • Advise on mental health issues and psychological elements in a civil or criminal matter

  • Serve as Expert Witness on interpersonal violence, trauma, high conflict

  • Research and analyze current psychological literature

  • Help develop psychological aspects of case strategy

  • Review and critique forensic psychological reports

  • Help challenge adversary's case approach through psychological viewpoint

  • Guide clients as they go through psychological evaluations

  • Construct direct/cross- exam questions pertaining to psychological issues

  • Prepare clients for trial or deposition

  • Attend trials to offer real-time assistance in dealing with psych aspects of a case

  • Evaluate witnesses using psychological interviewing skills

  • Review psychological testing and provide additional assessment 

Matrimonial Attorneys!  
As Your Psychology Consultant, Dr. Klein Can:
  • Be a confidential part of your team, helping you make strategic choices with regard to the child-focused/child custody aspects of your case
  • Guide and educate you about the mental-health related elements and events in your case (such as forensic evaluations)
  • Brainstorm to arrive at potential solutions, leveraging 15+ years in psychology
  • Conduct background research on specific issues or needed resources
  • Help you develop a case theory and a cohesive/comprehensive case strategy
  • Write direct or cross-examination questions for trial and depositions on matters dealing with mental health and psychology issues
  • Prepare parents to be effective participants in child custody mediation or child custody evaluations
  • Help prepare individuals who are going to testify in court or in depositions
Criminal Attorneys and Prosecutors!  
As Your Psychology Consultant, Dr. Klein Can: 
  • Guide and educate you about mental-health related elements and events in your case
  • Research psychological articles and resources on specific issues
  • Help you develop a case theory or comprehensive case strategy that incorporates the psychological aspects in your case
  • Challenge the psychological aspects of a case theory or strategy 
  • Write and/or edit psychology-related direct and cross-examination questions
  • Use psychological interviewing skills to help interview witnesses

Manhasset, Long Island, NY
Contact Dr. Klein:
(516) 484-4898