Dr. Cara Klein, Psychologist - Ph.D. in Psychology

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"I am a clinical and forensic psychologist licensed by New York State. My practice focuses on meeting the needs of people whose families are in crisis or transition. I started my career as a trauma specialist, ranging from domestic violence to war trauma, and over time I began to see how divorce, separation, and conflict in families were also traumatizing to children and parents alike." 

"In the forensic evaluation and consulting part of my practice for the NYC and Long Island Courts, I assist judges and attorneys in understanding the psychological impact of high-conflict divorce and trauma. My clinical and forensic practices are constantly informing one another as I work to help families make it through their most stressful times."

Dr. Klein holds a Doctorate, the most advanced academic degree. The Doctorate Degree qualifies someone to teach at a university and/or practice in a field of professional expertise. Dr. Klein is a Psychologist, licensed by New York State to practice as a Doctor of Psychology.


Dr. Klein offers psychotherapy and counseling for depression, anxiety, and adjustment issues due to any life stage or event. Clients have come to see Dr. Klein to help work through grief, recover from a trauma, or to seek guidance through a divorce. Marital and couples therapy is a favored focus, as each year of working with divorcing families has made Dr. Klein more determined to try to help prevent family dissolutions, and, when that is no longer possible, to help mitigate the upset involved with separation. 

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In addition, Dr. Klein serves in a forensic role, helping those in the legal field, from judges to attorneys, in understanding psychological questions pertaining to interpersonal conflict and violence.  In family law matters, this typically includes cases involving high-conflict divorce, child custody, child abuse, and domestic violence.  In criminal matters, this typically includes cases involving domestic violence and child abuse.

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What is a Clinical Psychologist?

A clinical psychologist is a mental health professional with a Ph.D. or Psy.D. who applies the study of psychology to help understand, prevent, and relieve psychological distress or dsyfunction and promote psychological well-being and growth.  In order to practice, psychologists are required to be licensed by the state.  Psychotherapy is the process that occurs during regular meetings in which psychologists help clients gain insight and skills to manage their thoughts and feelings with the goal of improving their moods, relationships, and life satisfaction. 

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

The practice of forensic psychology is a role function that psychologists take on when they provide services in the legal arena.  Forensics is the application of one's scientific expertise to help answer a legal question.  Recently, because of the popularity of such TV shows as CSI, many people tend to think of forensics as having something to do with death, but that show happens to feature forensic professionals who are pathologists trying to figure out cause of death.  Forensic expertise can range from accounting to archeology.  In forensic psychology, the expert can further specialize in such diverse areas as brain trauma resulting from accidents to emotional trauma resulting from divorce, domestic violence, or child abuse.  Forensics psychologists might be asked in a legal proceeding to assess for mental illness, to evaluate a subject's state of mind, or to investigate the psychological functioning and parenting capacity of family members in order to help a judge decide which custodial arrangement would be in a child's best interest.  

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